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6.412 pensieri su “Concerti

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  3. Waarlijk een positief initiatief, krachten bundelen van diensten die in elke gemeente hetzelfde zijn (en waarom is een paspoort in de ene gemeente duurder dan in de ander). Ik heb het in Dordrecht e.o. al gezien. Het kan werken en besparen, houden we geld over om nog een feestje te vieren

  4. – Let’s not talk about the number of times I have stopped in here to view these images over the past few days. I fall more in love with them every time Thank you SO much, Edmund. You have a gift and I am honored to share this industry with you and to have had the opportunity to work with you. I hope that I can get to know you better and watch you do amazing things! Big hugs from me and the family!!

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  6. Simple response!Koreans don't care where the four J-lawmakers want to visit. We are angry their intent to use this matter as a political show.They ignored the fact and truth that Dokdo is a Korean territory and there is no Takeshima except their immagination. Therefore, Koreans are angry their intent to use Dokdo for their political interest.

  7. Pero digo yo que en alguna parte debe de estar ese dinero que falta o…¿ Está inmovilizado en ladrillos?¿O se ha gastado todo en pagar a políticos?Y cuando estos ladrillos se hagan dinero otra vez ¿Nos darán la pasta a los de a pié? Ya Genín, sigue soñando anda,vuelve a dormir que estás mas guapo…Salud

  8. AFJ. Oh, wow! Even more confused now. What are Colorgards and Twirlers, Addie? And surely if there are lots of people in Band, they must like the drumlines?Sancha at 23? That’s not far off, Daniela. Let’s just hope there are no Aldritches. Now that would be freaky.

  9. Det er mulig at dere oppfatter tollsatser og landbrukssubsidier som “negativt ladede ord”, det er vel gjerne fordi dere ikke ønsker Ã¥ snakke sÃ¥ mye om disse tingene, ting som vi forbrukere er opptatt av.Til gjengjeld snakker dere ofte om “trygg norsk mat” og “kortreist mat”, som om utenlandsk mat er bare styggedom. For min del kan dere ha de seige kubiffene og de uappetittelige potetene dere presterer Ã¥ levere.Og med den maskinparken en ser pÃ¥ norske gÃ¥rder, se det ikke ut til Ã¥ være noe i veien med inntektsgrunnlaget.

  10. Hombre, ya que me tiras de la lengua, con este Son 72 horas impartidas, pero entre clase y clase haces trabajos, te los corrigen, asesoran, así que al final es mucho más de 72 horas.Ahora, genial vuestra forma de promocionarlo, no quería entrar en polémica, pero me parece muy caro y por lo que veo a los demas también. Son 40 euros la hora

  11. take one step towards Me I will take ten.Allah swt really has helped me whenever I have taken a step towards Him but I have realized that His help will only come if I take the first step.We are always so afraid to take that first step but knowing that Allah’s help will come we must take the plunge.

  12. Greensky, thank you for the feedback… I have been longing to do that – trust me, I missed it and I missed interacting with people. TAG was a big blow to my business and has taken a back seat, and eTycoon is my new baby, and I know that you fill find an abundance here.By popular demand, I have added a download link to this audio.

  13. That IS going too far, though as parts wear out and need replacing the bling factor does try to drag you in.My next local ride, after I fit the new parts will be fun, having had many conversations about how good SPDs are (they are, but sometimes I prefer flats) and that bling is tacky !Back on track though, I recommend that anyone thinking about buying the Excel grips should use a ruler and check how well they fit on their bars first.

  14. Nagyon jó az amit csinálnak!!!Ne romakérdést kreáljanak ebből!!!Én is szegénységben vagyok !!Így nem kéne “romázni” !!!Szerintem mindegy milyen a bőre a megszólítása !!SZEGÉNY!!KÖSZÖNJÜK MEG AZT HOGY VAN AKI SEGÍT!!

  15. You would be better looking in a dictionary but I think conducive implies leading to something and you need to specify the something. Your lessons are conducive to good study.

  16. , I don’t care what you say, someone smoking in the open air can’t possibly bother you that much…especially if we are talking about the esplanade! After all of the hell society puts smokers through these days, you now want to confine them to a poorly ventilated room? Why not just round them up into camps. People like you make me sick to my stomach. Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg can ban you from public places?

  17. Flechten…ja da war was im Bio-Unterricht. Waren das so Schmarotzer? Ich glaub, ich muss mich mal wieder etwas belesen. In Lila gibt es die auch? Oooooh, das würde mich interessieren. Die hab ich noch nie gesehen. Und dabei mag ich lila so. Ich wünsch Dir einen guten Wochenstart!

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  19. The pasta was mostly inspired from the movie 1408, there was that one scene with the man/window. I reckon you fellow creepypasta lovers are fans of horror movies as well. I highly recommend that movie, it’s better than most flicks that come out these days. Comment by Zoso on January 20, 2012 at 10:51 pm

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  22. it but I know in my heart he understands. I am there with you but it will get better. You hit me hard on this one Ames because speech is still our biggest struggle in jr. high years and I hate the looks we get when people don’t understand what Marcus so badly wants to share in his verbalizations. Love you ames and hugs to you all!

  23. susan comentou em 18 de agosto de 2011 às 11:53. Oi Julia, vc anda usando bastante o truque de iluminacao…comprei o livro ABOUT FACE do maraaa Scott Barners, mas nao consigo aplicar as tecnicas…vc nao pode fazer um video demonstrando??bjsss

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  25. I personally hate this version. The old one had more functionality, and I don't think anyone cares if its bigger, especially if they only enlarged it a couple centimeters. And I hate how you have to scroll down to watch related videos aswell. YouTube, at least make the old page an OPTION for us.

  26. Why let the dog suffer. I do not want to sound too insensitive or offend any animal rights activist but probably it would be best to just ask the vet to end the dogs misery. If not, ask your vet about iron suppliments or even a blood transfusion although I do not know if it will help.

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  37. Once we were a nation, but that has since changed. I can even pinpoint the time of departure. The 1965 Immigration Reform Act written(supposedly) and sponsored by Teddy Kennedy. That was the beginning of our downfall and the fat drunk knew it, and so did his KGB handlers who wrote the bill for him. Now we are to be as The Tower of Babel. Dave

  38. Genín Creo que esperar hasta el 18 para que te den el resultado es una espera muy pequeña, en mi caso llevaba de manera oficial 6 meses y otros siete que no me habían incluido en lista de espera por lo que decidí reclamar. Hoy precisamente he leído varios casos en el periódico respecto a las listas de espera, uno de ellos .Saludos

  39. “My child and others in the next generation may not be able to aspire for you anymore. ” Why is that. Your children can study well, do well in the boards, appear in the CET and do well and aspire to get into any of the engineering colleges.

  40. Wiarygodność takich ludzi jak Suworow,Rezun -mniejsza oto jak on sie naprawdę nazywa jest w/g mnie niewielka.Co nie przekreśla z góry wszystkiego co ten p. głosi.Wszak wiadomo,że dobrzy dezinformatorzy muszą się posługiwać w odpiednich proporcjach także prawdą.Ukłony.

  41. As I am contemplating a move to Richmond, I can’t helpbut be depressed by this entry, although it does give me a grasp on the reality of the economic situation there (not a huge worry, as thankfully, my income is stable). I wonder though how the downtown area has gone from award winning in 09 to this? Is there something I’m missing?

  42. Nearly half the people murdered in the United States each year are black, part of a persistent pattern in which African Americans are disproportionately victimized by violent crime, according to a new Justice Department study released yesterday.The study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics also found that from 2001 to 2005, more than nine out of 10 black murder victims were killed by other blacks, and three out of four were slain with a gun.

  43. Rédigé par: Aquinze | le 08 juin 2008 à 19:10| Alerter Oui mais depuis Pétain/Vichy la Loi de 1905 est déruite , l’Etat donne de l’argent aux curés et établissements privés ce qui est un scandale , déjà qu’ils reçoivent de l’argent de leurs clients alors que les établissemnts publics manquent d’argent

  44. KayYes…sadly…I have found myself to be quite offend-able lately. There are so many things that I am dealing with that I am a bit on edge. The biggest thing for me now is learning forgive and let it go even when the behavoir that I find offensive continues, or at least the effects of it do. I have to keep envisioning it like water flowing off of a duck’s back. Thanks. Needed this one!!  

  45. I do my swim training in the same pool as that national swim team of the Netherlands. I can admire their great technique when they speed by in the lanes next to the recreational swimmers.But some of them wear heartrate straps with suspensers, it looks a bit strange, but I guess it gets the job done

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  52. Unboxing? Sure, but it’s got to wait in line. I seem to have a whole load of stuff that needs writing up and reviewing at the moment, though I am not complaining. It’s a nice situation to be in. The FW things open a whole different can of worms, but in a nice way (nice worms). And not Nurgle, before you ask.

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  54. I think you are right, Kathleen, and the Israelis know it, too. That is why they are so adamant about the “negotiations” because they are counting on them putting Palestinians in a holding pattern forever. Because the one thing that they must fear is that the US political situation could become very untenable if the question is changed to “liberty and justice for all.” It is possible that, in that light, significant portions of the American electorate will be pealed away from the Zio-maximalist position.

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  57. I would suggest yo focus attention on her and things she love. Make her fall in love with you all over again do the candy bears and flower routine. Run her bubble bath just be extremely nice and handle her with kid gloves. If she is depressed of course it will be a little harder for her to come around but it is very possible.

  58. I like it better when the voice is stronger and truer, with many years of experience behind than when the voice is too young and not ready. I think we often overlook the later bloomers who often times have much more wisdom to offer. I’m so glad that I found you, and I think this post is beautiful.happy birthday!

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  63. that pitcher is GENIOUS! i always want to flavor water with cucumber and lemon but then I end up eating so many seeds and lots of unwanted pulp. I love that you can seperate the flavors from the water! awesome class, I have always wanted to take a cooking class, esp with my mama!! remember at Vlora one of the appetizers was arancini! mmmm it all looks delish!

  64. anda, pss por q accidente he llegado a conocer de este grupo he bueno voy a bajar una canción si me queda rolando ya me bajare todo, pero no de a uno, me da pereza , me hace recordar ciertos ciento y pico de archivos que te pase jajajaj

  65. I L-O-V-E Divergent!!!! It is my favorite book EVER! I told my friend they were going make a movie, bu nooooo she didn’t believe me. So we made a bet. If I won, she had to pay for my ticket and take me. If I lost , then i give her money. I won so, yeah. I’m happy!

  66. Je te confirme que c’est à voir ! Dans les casinos, il y a des gens qui y passent des jours et des nuits en perdant la notion de temps et le sens des réalités ! On leur sert directement à boire et à manger devant les machines !

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  70. I agree…there does at least seem to be a correlation. There is so much data becoming available that it seems that we would be careful about increasing the use of video games, even the educational ones.

  71. OK thanks for troubling to sort me out. I still think it terms of “Thou Ist”…!Too much classical education too long ago..…actually come to think about it not many people seem to respond when one calls them “thou” these days!….sounds like an American Bible thumper!So I concede gracefully and am no longer irritated.Thou needst not answer this if ‘t suits thee not to.I hope you are getting the sun while moderating this blog!

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  73. Wow! As a Caucasian, that even frightens me. How sad to consider one of a different race so very different. Our Lord even considered the woman at the well in Samaria deserving of grace. Mr. Farrakhan will never utter a word of this as he is too busy spewing hatred for the whites. In retrospect, he is not much different than those you have quoted.Keep up the good work, Bob. Stay with it till Chuckie and Babs get after you with the “Fairness Doctrine.” It will then be the time for the sweet smell of tea in the harbor.

  74. 24.12.2011» Natowitcz… Ses chroniques sont intéressantes et pertinentes»Oui !«Au fait Bérégovoye ne s’est pas suicidé et la C.I.A. a organisé les attentats du 11 septembre…»Je vous laisse dans vos affirmations cher Ane-nonyme! Joyeux Noel !

  75. morgana:mejor la cuerda joder!esto no tiene nada de eco y mucho menos de práctico! y además es deo joder!que no que no que ni hablar que nada hombre (el hombre va con varias es, pero el antioyagan no me deja ponerlo XD) antes voy sucia por el metro!

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  77. The safety and riding class takes a weekend, and can fast track you thought the licensing. The registration is pretty easy and comparable to getting one for a car. $2,000 is a little low for a good bike, though, unless you are in South Jersey.

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  79. Eduardo moreno LozanoEl libro preferido de Fernando Savater es Mobi-Dick. Razones:”Es una novela total, porque reúne el relato de aventuras, tambien la reflexión filosófica, casi la teológica, abarca todo tipo de generos con una intensidad y elocuencia extraordinarias”. Por favor quiero entradas para los desayunos literarios del día 18, adoro a Fernando Savater pero estoy en paro. Un abrazo para todos y felicidades por la iniciativa.

  80. As I commented to another post, how can we have legitimate AGI with ‘consciousness’, i.e. what humans will think of as conscious, and just think of them in terms of what use we make out of them? That seems rather horrid to me. More “human-relevant behavior and information” equates to “more human-like”, and thus, at least by the standards of what I think of as humanism, not tools for exploitation by others.

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  378. Anyway, I am weary of double-standard Friday so I will leave it to all of you. Enjoy convincing one another that the only ‘right’ solution is the outright extinguishing of the global Muslim population.For the record (again) I’m no Islam-lover. I’m am equal-opportunity religion hater. It’s the blind hypocrisy of ‘our side is right but their side is wrong’ groupthink that pisses me off more than anything.

  379. א. קוהרנטי. ומדוייק להפליאב. אין על שיחות רחוב. מה שמפתיע, זה שבסוף רוב האנשים ממש נחמדים. זה מצליח להפתיע/לרגש אותי כל פעם מחדש. אם פוצחים בשיחה עם מישהו היא נוטה להיות נעימה והרבה פעמים גם מעניינת.ג. לראשונה קרה לי ששני אנשים שפגשתי באופן עקיף התגלו כקוראים נלהבים של הבלוג, זה תענוג עילאיד. שמישהו יסגור את האינטרנט כבר. דחוף (אצלי עלה שבוע שעבר)

  380. Ah, that is a shame; I like the way her hair looks, myself, much more than I like the Alphamax one, which looks very inaccurate to me now. I’d agree that Kotobukiya is a love/hate sort of manufacturer, though – a bit odd since they are one of the most consistent manufacturers out there (consistently average, that is). I’m not a big fan of their Bishoujo figures, for instance, but every now and then they make a figure like Yui that looks great.

  381. ove hur kan han inte vara svensk när han har svensk medborgarskap? så länge en invandrare är framgångsrik i sverige kallar alla honom för svensk tillexempel Reza eller zlatan men så fort en invandrare gör brott så är han en blatte inte en svensk!!

  382. Once again, from TOD's RMG: TransCanada ramps up oil supply in new Cushing line Monday, Feb. 07, 2011 – TransCanada Corp. has opened the spigots on a new pipe carrying Canadian oil to a major U.S. hub that’s already awash with supply. The company has begun pouring oil into its Cushing Extension pipeline, a 591,000 barrel-per-day pipe that connects Steele City, Neb., with Cushing, Okla.And there you go. In the last couple of weeks, another 591,000 bpd of new oil has started coming into a market that is already flooded with oil.